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Canada Is Penniless Literary Education (CPLE)is an Ontario registered non-charitable,not-for-profit organizational entity as it does not issue tax receipts for any pledge support. Your unconditional pledge of support is deemed received to sponsor the mission and objectives of literacy.

There is no "sale" of information (aka merchandise). All supporters are acknowledged as free-will pledgers. With utmost gratitude your free-will support is received.

Take note Canada is Penniless Literacy Education assumes no liability for any pledge support received whatsoever by the pledger/supporter as all financial support is understood to be voluntary and unconditional.

If you would like to receive proof that your pledge has been received, please include your name and email address as a message/note with whichever method you choose.
(ie. " name: John | email: xxxx@xxx")


If you have a PayPal account - just click the Logo to pledge

E-Transfer ( within Canada )

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either: bank draft, money order, western union, or legal tender
payable to: "Canada is Penniless Literacy Education"
c/o 9792 HIGHWAY 9