It is all in a word. A word is based on letters. Letters are symbolically a coded message to tell us the meaning of each letter which comprises the body of each word.

In essence all lettered words are controlled spells called grammar.Gram =weight ,mar= hindrance. Therefore the weight and hindrance of the written word.Words carry power. The journey of words and knowledge are found in what man has named the "DICTIONARY". Proper literacy leads to "jurisdiction", JURIS=OF RIGHT, OF LAW DICTION=TO SPEAK. Therefore of right,of law, to speak.

Enter the journey of words and the power they contain which shall guide your path with light. Canada Is Penniless Literacy Education is a unique site providing word education and access to vast book resources for the inquiring mind. Knowledge of the written word is not only power and light to guide you but an invaluable treasure to carry with you, stored in the temple of your body.

Peace be with you on your word journey.